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Many people do not understand that hugging is a serious matter.
Does not laugh

Hugs have the ability and power to make you feel uncomfortable, comforted, breathless (literally) and loved. They have the ability to show you that there is someone out there in this crazy world that will grab you when you need it, like when you’re broken and broken. Many things can be transmitted with a simple hug. And I personally believe that the embrace has been forged in society and that people underestimate it.

I’ve divided the world of hugs into 6 categories – yes 6. It seems like a lot, but it really is not, I promise.

The clumsy hug:

The uncomfortable hug occurs when two people who have nothing to do with hugging, embrace each other. This usually happens when people move from the knowledge stage to the friend stage. I mean how uncomfortable it is when one person approaches the hug and the other does not. Or when both decide that the hug is appropriate, but then think too much about it and ruin it. How to try to decipher, when the hug is happening, who will go where weapons. I mean it’s uncomfortable and it’s even more uncomfortable when you’re on a public street or something and you try to solve this.

The embrace of man:

The man’s embrace amuses me, I’m not going to lie. Know what it is. You’ve seen. It is the clasp of the opposing hands, push each other, with a hug / arm clasp. This kind of hug that I have to admit is quite versatile. I mean it can be a quick thing that says goodbye or hello. But it can also be a deep embrace from man to man. I know that men do not like to admit it (stereotypically), but sometimes they need an emotional moment. Sometimes they need someone to hold on when things get difficult. The man’s embrace can definitely meet that need. As I said, a versatile hug.

The good solid hug:

The solid embrace is piled up in all the hugs that just feel good. Those in which you, for a brief second, can relax in the arms of another person. They are what you give and receive, for example, when you see your mother (hey, mothers are special, they always give and receive good hugs). When you receive or give one of these hugs (from your mother or another person), it feels good until the toes. This embrace conveys that you are very loved and makes you realize that sometimes you forget how loved you are.

The hug of the bone crusher:

The hug of the bone crusher is a dangerous hug and should not be attempted or received by someone who has breathing problems such as asthma (and if it is, then there should be a balloon nearby and by hand). This hug I find is usually used with best friends, especially if they have not seen each other in a long time. It’s the hug that screams OH MY PROPERTY IS SO GOOD TO SEE IT! I MISSED YOU A LOT! YOU LOOK SO GOOD! I’M NOT WELL? WE NEED TO INCREASE NOW! It’s the hug that really hurts and takes your breath away. However, it is a very good hug, it makes the energy flow and pulls the strings of the heart. It is also guaranteed to make you laugh, probably in hysteria.

The hug for the beloved life Embrace:

This hug is crucial. It is the hug that you give someone or that you receive when they step on you and break you: spiritually, emotionally, mentally. It is the hug that someone gives you when you are about to surrender, when the world has become a cruel place. It’s the hug you give when someone’s heart has broken. It’s the hug you give when someone needs to fall apart and cry.
This hug shows why the hug is so important and so necessary for life. Everyone, at some point in their lives, suffer terribly. They lose it and they fall apart completely. The person who gives this hug holds the victim together. He holds them and carries his burden when that person simply can not for the moment. The person who gives this hug becomes a lifesaver. Never underestimate how necessary this hug is.

The God / Universe Embrace:

Insert what word depends on your beliefs, but this embrace is given by God or the universe. It is a hug that you feel inside of you. It could almost be called a soul hug. It is when your interior is touched and you feel that everything is fine with the world, or that everything will be fine with the world. It is when you feel that everything is possible. Sometimes you need a trigger, like when you see an act of random kindness, like a man who buys a subway sandwich for a homeless man because it’s the right thing to do. And you wait. Or when you have that perfect and crazy day, which is one of those days that you will remember forever. The universe speaks people. They are hugs Beware of that.

Look, I bet you never thought of hugs this way. Hugs are important. And I’m sure there are many more categories of hugs, in addition to the 6 that I mentioned. You should think