How cyber sport betting lines differ from traditional sports

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As the eSports industry continues to grow, so does traditional sports betting. 

However, there are many differences between the two industries that should be considered before betting on eSports games.


Cybersports are played by professional gamers who specialise in online multiplayer arenas (MOBAs), first person shooters (FPSs) and real-time strategy games (RTSs). Each game is different, with different levels of action that affect the odds.

The video display usually shows two teams playing against each other in a virtual arena. The bottom half of the screen shows information about the competition, including player names, results, items gained during the game, leveling up and other relevant information.

The top half of the screen is usually the same video that is shown to spectators watching the game in person or through an online broadcast.

As cyber sports are relatively new, the contests have not been thoroughly vetted by bookmakers, resulting in unfamiliar betting lines that differ from traditional sports. In general, teams have a more level playing field than in traditional sporting events.

Due to the nature of cyber sports tournaments, it is more difficult to determine which teams are the strongest outside the top tier of contenders. This means that even if you can work out exactly which team will win the competition, your options for betting on it are often limited.

Traditional sporting events

Sports betting experts have noticed that cyber sports events have higher margins, wider point spreads and generally more matches in play than traditional sports events. At one well-known bookmaker, the average margin on betting on cyber sports is around 7%, compared to around 3% on other sports.

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Unlike traditional sports, where only two teams take part in any given event, cyber sports typically have five to six different groups of players playing at the same time, often with some overlap of events.

This can make it difficult to correctly assess the odds some weeks, as there are so many different games being played at the same time.

Player tips for betting on eSports

If you are going to bet on cyber sports, make sure you research individual cyber sports games before betting money on any potential wagers. This will help ensure that you are betting on the team with the highest odds, which is how you win money in traditional sports betting.

Knowing the game is key to understanding how cybersport odds work, and will help you choose the event to bet on that will give you the best chance of a payout. If you’re new to cybersports or just want more information, check out our section on cyber sports betting, where you’ll find everything you need to know to get started.